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Tackling Current Healthcare Issues

Most current organizations like to say that they’re innovative. But when it comes to using information technology in a more ubiquitous fashion; or standardizing processes for greater collaboration; or managing consumer and regulatory pressures—few truly are.

Though considerable attention over the preceding decades has been focused on changing the business issues in healthcare, insufficient focus has been given to actually addressing the current healthcare issues related to clinical transformation or, the way we deliver care.

A More Agile Organization

To become a more agile, innovative healthcare corporation, an organization must pursue a change strategy that directly addresses current healthcare issues and involves:

  • Changing existing systems, processes, roles and technology. Organizations should expect the very essence of their enterprise to change over the next decade. Virtually every process and task could—and most likely will—be affected in an effort to solve current healthcare issues involved in the delivery for improved care.
  • Senior executive leadership. Senior executives can’t just evangelize about the desirability of developing new innovative processes that address healthcare issues. They must help define clinical transformation initiatives that address current healthcare issues by leading these efforts with members from their senior executive team who are accountable and who hold sufficient clout within the organization to overcome the inevitable resistance to change.
  • Gaining new knowledge. Organizations must tackle current healthcare issues that will be uncovered in care delivery patterns as more information becomes available through the use of electronic health information technology. The new knowledge gained from these systems will help the providers of care design programs that support the future of healthcare with services that offer more efficient and effective approaches.

Helpful Information

Fundamentally, the challenges and opportunities in healthcare are demanding new ways of thinking and caring. What follows is helpful information for you and your team as you generate ideas to support change in your organization. Enjoy!

Advice for Organizations:

Current Healthcare Challenges: