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Developing Health Care Leaders of Tomorrow

As a C-level executive, you are no doubt experiencing the challenges facing the industry and understand the importance of developing your senior healthcare management group as true health care leaders to address today’s complex issues.

To accomplish the healthcare transformation required by the market, a new breed of health care leaders are required. Health care leaders must be armed with a diverse portfolio of skills that can forge greater collaboration and partnerships within the organization and the community at large. Today’s health care leaders must quickly gain new insights and respond rapidly to the changing healthcare environment. CREO offers organizational development in healthcare specifically targeting these areas and grooms senior healthcare management executives of tomorrow.

Begin Healthcare Leadership Development Now

Our approach to grooming health care leaders includes four phases, all designed to help you easily develop healthcare leadership capabilities within your organization.

  • Assessment: The initial phase includes a comprehensive assessment of the team including an understanding of each individual’s existing skills to serve as a foundation for developing capabilities for the organization.
  • Planning: The next phase includes the creation of a detailed plan to assist the CEO and governance in setting a direction for leadership development in healthcare capabilities for the organization.
  • Development: Time will be devoted to actively assisting health care leaders and the team in a “hands-on” mentoring style.
  • Advisory: Once the planning and development phases have been implemented, CREO will provide ongoing healthcare leadership advisory services to the organization on an as needed basis.

Our approach to grooming health care leaders offers four phases:

  • Assessment: A comprehensive assessment of your team
  • Planning: A detailed plan assisting the CEO and governance in setting a direction
  • Development: Providing a resource to team in a “hands-on” mentoring style
  • Advisory: Ongoing services on an as needed basis

Don’t delay. Let us work with you to develop your organization’s healthcare leadership capabilities today.