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New Insights for Strategic Healthcare Planning

The value that healthcare delivery systems offer is increasingly one of the most important considerations as healthcare organizations make decisions on which products or services to offer. In the new world of healthcare delivery, strategic healthcare planning and efforts to create a meaningful and relevant value proposition in care delivery is becoming more complicated.

The very fabric of our approach to healthcare delivery will change over the coming decade and the changes will be deep and wide. As a result, many organizations are not only rethinking their basic care delivery structures but rethinking their healthcare planning processes as well.

New World of Coordinated Care

CREO offers strategic healthcare planning that helps organizations secure a position in the new world of coordinated care delivery. Initiatives in the new world of coordinated care require more integration between hospitals and physicians, stronger alliances between management and governance, and the ability for real-time information sharing and decision support.

Good news. CREO’s Network of health care management consulting experts bring the strategic healthcare planning expertise and broad capabilities most needed to create accountable care organizations, primary care medical homes and other initiatives described as Comprehensive Coordinated Care (C3) programs. By working with us, your organization will have the operational structure and collaboration in place for success.

Our strategic healthcare planning team excels in the following areas:

  • Integration: Fostering much tighter integration among hospitals, physicians and other delivery programs to support coordinated care.
  • Governance: Positioning governance as a critical step in forging the appropriate healthcare delivery systems and alliance of interested parties in C3 initiatives.
  • Management: Developing stronger clinical management along with more traditional operational and fiscal management to support coordinated care models required by healthcare organizations today.
  • Insurance: Working with healthcare organizations to develop capabilities for weighing risks, acquiring new knowledge and implementing new capabilities that are not generally a part of traditional care delivery models.
  • Information Exchange: Ensuring the seamless sharing and analyzing of information across a diverse group of organizations and care delivery partners.
  • Decision Support: Enabling real-time decision support for clinicians at the point of care to support greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Don’t Miss

Your opportunity for developing a comprehensive coordinated care model. We offer strategic healthcare planning expertise in the following areas:

  • Fostering tighter integration between parties
  • Forging new alliances especially with governance
  • Developing stronger clinical management and fiscal responsibility
  • Weighing risks and acquiring new insurance knowledge
  • Actually achieving seamless information exchange